Braiding– It’s not just for hair.

There’s something currently growing in the meadow of the Olympic Sculpture Park that you will not find in any other field. The grass here has been braided by artists and park visitors to form sculptures that resemble the movement of salmon swimming upstream.


It is an installation by Sarah Kavage and Adria Garcia of  Studio Kabuya; two very creative ladies that celebrate community, the environment, and a tradition that manifests itself in many forms.

The motion of braiding the grass reminded me of braiding friends’ hair growing up, and making baskets and jewelry. These are traditions and crafts that are linked to beauty and usefulness and are meant to be shared with others.



^ Sarah, pruning.

Next time you’re in long grass, feel free to tame those strands into a braid!

The method is the same for an “inside-out french braid,” and takes some getting used to since dry grass is a bit different than hair. The “bald” spots of bare ground make it a bit more interesting.


Once you get the hang of it, you may be able to make something like this:


From Studio Kabuya’s THE SALON

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